The History of REHUBS! by Andrea Deagle

Repurposed Revelation

Repurposing is a buzzword these days.  If you have ever seen (and I know you have) those hubcaps lying on the side of the road, did you ever think someone would pick them up and make them into beautiful wall art? I have been doing that for over two years and am excited to share my pieces as a new art form and a way to clean up! 



The Idea


Probably a result of too much time spent watching do-it-yourself TV and fascination with shows that convert flea market cast-offs to eclectic, but useful, household items. I found my first hubcap, washed it up - they are very grimy - and painted it like a sunflower.


The Development


 From that first sunflower, I decided to go find more hubcaps. I got a few from gas station owners and a tire place and painted more flowers - roses, irises, poppies. Then I started finding hubcaps everywhere! I found that the hubcap's design really determined the painted design. 


New Designs 


 As I have found these hubcaps and wheelcovers, my designs now include Suns, Mexican style faces, Starfish, snowflakes and geometric colors inspired by everything from Native American pottery to Amish hex signs. I have done a shipswheel, biker flames and a Santa face. The seasonal ones are fun. Halloween pumpkins, snowmen and poinsettas are favorites.


The Future


 I fantasize about having a big workroom where there are workers cleaning, repairing or basecoating the "raw" hubcap while others are drawing out the designs and perhaps doing some initial painting. Then there would be finishers to complete the image and spraycoat it. After this, they would be shipped to stores for wall and garden art. All made in the USA and putting a few people to work while cleaning up those discarded hubcaps.  So anyone out there with venture capital can contact me and we'll draw up a business plan!


The Now


 With a back stock of over 100 hubcaps and the assurance that others continue to pop up on the road, I am growing my "inventory" and showing my work at craft and art shows in the Virginia area. If you are interested in purchasing one of the Hubs, please contact me or click on the WEB STORE. They make great gifts and the "green" factor is a big plus.



Contact Me

Rehubs! 757-565-1268 Williamsburg, VA 23188